-  Research and detailed analysis of issues relevant to specific brief.

-  Concept development in line with client strategy including management of creative development process.

-  Development of integrated campaigns consistent with other media channels.

-  Media relations management as critical area of effective planning.

-  Structuring of effective implementation plans to deliver on set objectives.

-  Measurement and evaluation of impact of PR/PA plans against set objectives.

-  Marketing PR-product based and corporate communications in U.S., Latin American, Puerto Rico and Caribbean markets.

-  Effective communication of targeted messages directed at special interest groups, constituents, faith-based and non-profit organizations, as well as varied industries through use of key media channels at the local, regional and national level to enhance Public Relations/Public Affairs strategy.

-  Development of political advocacy and grassroots campaigns.




• Strategic Plan Development for Public Relations/Public Affairs Issues

• Crisis Management & Development of Rapid Response Plans


-  Experience in events consisting of mass employment reductions, organizational restructuring,  internal and external corporate crises, natural disasters and community issues.

-  Recommendations, development and implementation of rapid response plans to counter negative perception and publicity.

-  Restrict and contain negative public and media reaction during highly sensitive cases.

-  Develop, preserve and enhance client reputation through fast changing, threatening circumstances


• Media Management


-  Strategic media guidance and training to senior executive management teams, government officials and political candidates.

-  Media liaison at local, national and regional levels, including targeted media placement and coordination of personal interviews.

-  Development and implementation of rapid response plans to control fast changing circumstances.

-  Execution of tactical activities including press conferences, specialty industry events, public appearances and briefings.

• Event Planning & Coordination


-  Ample experience in creating, coordinating and implementing complex events covering a wide range of industry briefs.

-  Ensure events are in line with branding guidelines and strategy to reflect specific business objectives.

-  Management of contractors to ensure that events are implemented on time, on budget and on strategy.

-  Media management to ensure effective event coverage.

-  Coordination of events ranging from local press conferences to those with a broad international audience and brand marketing events.


-  Planning, design and implementation of marketing communications and media relations programs for corporate and government accounts.

-  Responsible for financial and managerial performance of key account groups.

-  Liaison with advertising and direct marketing agencies to develop fully integrated campaigns- including collaborative creative work and cross-organizational goals and logistics.

-  Branding, image and crisis management program development.

-  Coordination of product launches, press conferences, client presentations and world-class events.

-  Implementation of highly innovative internal communications strategy designed to build motivation and buy-in to product, corporate mission and messages.

• Marketing Communications

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