The key to a long and stable

relationship with your clients


From a young age we learn about the power of communication; what we need and what we want, what we like and dislike.  Also, in order to learn and teach, buy or sell we communicate.  It's very easy to talk but to be clear in our communication can be a challenge.  The reality is that the key to a long and stable relationship begins with effective communication.


Often we see small and medium sized businesses that provide good services, products or prices that would make them highly competitive in their markets but unfortunately consumers are not aware of them.  Perception is reality and if we do not know the products, services or ideas for a lack of communication, then it does not exist.  Your business begins to exist and grow only when consumers become aware of it.  For this reason, your effective communication is important.


Your communications do not have to be expensive, but they do require a plan and discipline to follow through.  Perhaps you've invested occasionally on some type of promotion or advertisement.  But if you didn't prepare a plan, or were inconsistent in its execution or follow up, then it's highly likely that your results were either not very significant or short lived.  For greater results, more clients or higher sales, you need to develop a communications plan that is clear and consistent in its goals and execution.  This way, you can ensure that your audience will hear you and know that you exist. Consider these three items to improve your communications:


·  Identify your audience.

Be very clear about the type of consumer you would like to reach.  Being specific will help you when developing your message.  Engaging baby boomers is very different than when communicating with millennials.  Also, experts agree that communication with men and women, even in the same age groups is unique.  Be prepared to have varying messages and use different channels when reaching multiple audiences.


·  Know your competition.

Find out and study what your competition is doing to attract attention and generate interest.  Don't underestimate their efforts, since these can potentially affect your growth and their sales.  Verify the dates or seasons when your competitor increased his or her communications through promotions, public relations or advertisements, and analyze whether their efforts impacted your business during these periods.  Never imitate your competition.  Once you've understood when, where, how and how often your competitor is promoting him or herself, identify opportunities and spaces you can occupy.  Make them feel your presence in the market.  Consumers seek innovation, find a way to distinguish yourself from your competition for a greater result and higher interest.


·  Talk to the experts.

Communicating effectively is a lot easier when you have a plan.  A good communications consultant has vast experience and can help you develop and implement a targeted plan that will help attract those customers that did not know you before.  Many small and medium sized businesses don't have the budget for an in-house communications department dedicated full time to their image, branding and promotion.  With the help of a good consultant or a small agency you can have professionals develop and execute an integrated communications plan year-round that meets your objectives and delivers results, all for a much smaller investment.


If you plan well you will be able to communicate clearly and consistently in order to change perception and your business reality.  Consult with an expert and you will get results.  Don't wait to communicate!


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